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Simultaneous operations (SIMOPs)

Simultaneous operations (SIMOPs)   
Simultaneous operations (SIMOPs) occur within process facilities when two or more activities occur at the same time and place. They may involve risks that are not identified when each activity is considered by itself. A SIMOP review identifies possible interactions between activities that may adversely impact people, property, or the environment. SIMOP reviews are an important adjunct to the performance of process hazard analyses such as hazard and operability studies.
SIMOPS scenario Identification :
Construction Civil works ( Excavation , Hydro test), Tie-in work / Hot tapping Electrical & Instrumentation works Vehicle entry Confined space entry Non destructive testing
Pre-Commissioning Activities Water Flushing , Air Blowing , Steam blowing ,Leak test , oil flushing , Functional check of electrical equipment and instruments.
Commissioning and start up : Inerting / Purging , leak test , product loading and unloading operations
 Identifying the additional hazards introduced by the SIMOPS. for eg: Toxic handling / release , ignition source , work at height . dropped object .heavy lifting etc .
 Assessing the relevant level of risk;
 Verify the adequacy of the planned control measure; •
 Identifying additional risk reduction measures; •
 Provide input to Permit To Work process for embedding additional controls.
Participants : SIMOP Chairman, Scribe, All the project’s contract personnel and plant owner officials.

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