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FERA (Fire & Explosion Risk Analysis) study is performed to provide the fire and explosion modelling results to determine and assess the Active Fire Protection (AFP), Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and blast protection requirements. The study identifies the fire and explosion hazards, models the consequences, presents the results and identifies the impacts, impingement and potential escalations.

The main objectives of FERA study are to:

  • Identifying potential fire and explosion scenarios
  • Performing modelling exercise for identified scenarios using dedicated software tool
  • Interpretation of results of consequences (fire and explosion)
  • Suggesting measures for mitigation of hazards, wherever applicable

Fire Zones – . The facilities are divided into a series of Fire Zones such that a clear and unambiguous indication can be given as to a location of a detected fire and/or gas leak related risk. The fire zones are primarily selected based on physical separation of each block and reassessed based on dispersion contours developed for various scenarios within each zone considering voting logic.

The study helps to assess the impact of thermal radiations and explosion overpressure on the surroundings and therefore helps in the decision making of various facilities such as facility siting, control room location, admin building location, fire protection adequacy etc.