• Salvus

    Salvus Engineering India Pvt Ltd. (Salvus) is named based on a Latin word which means "Safe" or "free from difficulties". We provide engineering solutions and services to help in "safe" and "secured" life and environment during operations and maintenance of HSE and risk management practice in oil field and other chemical process industries.
  • Solution

    Salvus Engineering India Pvt Ltd gives best engineering solutions in the field of HSE and risk management. We provide solutions to identify hazards in terms of process hazards or system hazards, reviewing the adequacy of the existing control or preventive measures and provide recommendations to mitigate the risks or hazards.
  • HSE and Risk Management

    HSE and Risk Management define the principles by which a company conducts the operations with regards to health, safety, and the environment. We believe in continually improving the quality of our services to protect people, assets and the environment. Emphasis is on ensuring human health, operational safety, risk assessment and mitigation, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill.
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  • Audits

    In addition to measuring performance and periodic review, there should be regular audits of the whole system and its parts to enable a wider ranging and critical appraisal of all the elements of the Safety Management System. "Auditing" involves collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the organisation's total Safety Management System and developing plans for corrective action
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  • Support

    We offer a comprehensive support to our clients by providing assistance to the projects, sharing technology, providing best expert manpower, ease hands on software support and presentations at clients place for approvals. While extending our support we also believe in maintaining the protocols and confidentialities.
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